Greece offers an infinite choice of itineraries.

Greece is a blessed country with more than 10.000 miles of coastline and some 1.500 islands.

A perfect holiday destination for water-lover or sun-worshippers. The ideal sailing ground for yachtsmen. Greece offers a wide variety of island groups to suit all tastes. It is a country of white - washed houses, colorful fishing villages, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, waterside taverns and a cultural paradise offering numerous attractions.

Enjoy the privacy of a picturesque cove or explore the ruins of an ancient town. Indulge yourself with an al - fresco traditional Greek meal served on deck by candlelight under a star-filled sky.

Drink the sparkling wine that will elevate your spirit and help you relax or tantalize your taste buds while enjoying Greek traditional cooking at one of the Islands locals' restaurant that your Captain will point out.

Sample some of the finest fruits and vegetables in the world. The Greek Lifestyle offers ultimate style and glamour, especially known for its vivid nightlife for which the Greeks are famous.

Greece is one of the few countries in the world where there is such emphasis on nightlife. International celebrities frequently visit some of the islands, so keep an eye out at the restaurants, clubs and bars. Live it up, drinking and dancing until the light of dawn are an every day event on the famous Greek islands.